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Skye finds confidence with support from Remploy

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Skye Kidd joined the Fair Start Scotland service in June 2022 after finishing school. At 18 years old, she was lacking confidence and looking for support to find her first job.   

Given her lack of experience, Skye was unsure of what to expect and was nervous about the process of finding and applying for jobs.   

Meeting with her Key Worker on a weekly basis in the Dundee branch, Skye was supported to start looking for flexible working that fitted around her existing commitments as a player with the local football team.   

Alongside this, she attended development sessions to build up her confidence and help her to learn more about what to expect from paid employment.   

Once Skye felt more confident, Account Manager, Danni Ogilvie, met with her to discuss opportunities available with our local employer partners. As Skye had expressed an interest in hospitality roles that offered flexibility, Danni recommended a job with Tim Hortons in their new Dundee store.  

Once she secured an interview, Skye received extra support with interview preparation to ease her nerves – taking part in mock interviews and practising a range of questions and answers.  

As the interviews were taking place in the Remploy branch, Skye had the opportunity to meet with the team before the interview and this, along with being in a familiar environment, helped her to feel more comfortable.   

She said: “Remploy was a safe space for me. The team are very friendly and helpful, working with you to find a job that fits what you are looking for.”  

After a successful interview, Skye was offered the position and in September 2022, joined the team as a Team Member.  

Looking back on her experience, she reflected: “When I first heard that I had got the job with Tim Hortons, I felt very proud of myself. One of the things I enjoy about working here is interacting with the customers, having conversations with different people, and putting a smile on their face. I would recommend Remploy to anyone who is looking for work. I am still in contact with the team, and I know I can get in touch if I have any issues.” 

04 August, 2023