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A positive new start for refugee Navid thanks to Remploy’s support

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Originally from Afghanistan, Navidulla (Navid) Mokhibulla, who moved to Ukraine from Russia where he was living and studying, had to flee to Scotland with his disabled wife to escape the war.

The 59-year-old refugee faced various barriers including limited English and no prior work experience in the UK when he joined the Fair Start Scotland service in November 2022.

Even though Navid had a diverse skillset as a market trader, electrician and construction worker, he found it difficult to obtain work because he had no proof of his qualifications, which he had left behind in Ukraine.

Supported by his Remploy Key Worker, Moray Anderson, Navid was referred to Learning Curve, a member of our Community Partnership Network (CPN), where he enrolled in an English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) course, attending online training sessions twice each week.

In addition, once funding had been secured, Navid was referred to DEAP Ltd to undergo training for his Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Determined to learn quickly, he undertook the task of translating past tests and worksheets from English to Russian, by hand.

As Navid’s English improved on a weekly basis, so did his confidence, leaving him feeling positive about the prospect of finding employment.

Grateful for the support he received from Moray and Remploy, Navid said: “I am very happy with all the help I have had and continue to receive from Moray and Remploy.

“I feel incredibly grateful to the Remploy team and Scotland, in general, for giving me a safe space to live. I’ve had help to study for my CSCS card, and I know that with the continued support from Remploy, I will find work soon. Thank you.”

Navid’s determination, hard work, and positive outlook has set him on a path towards work with the chance for a better life in Scotland.


08 August, 2023