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Samantha thrives in new role with Tim Hortons

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Samantha Mudie, 37, was unemployed for more than two years before joining the Fair Start Scotland service in July 2022. 

After being diagnosed with sciatica in 2020, Samantha struggled to look for work between a multitude of physiotherapy and doctors’ appointments, whilst learning how to manage her condition.  

Sciatica can be affected by physical movement, which also made looking for the right type of roles difficult.  

When Samantha, from Dundee, joined the Fair Start Scotland service, she shared her worries about returning to work with her Key Worker, Kimberley Allan. 

With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Samantha was supported to explore what local, part-time hospitality roles were available in this sector. 

After learning about her experience and interest in the hospitality industry, Remploy Account Manager, Danni Ogilvie, highlighted a new opportunity with one of our employer partners, Tim Hortons.  

Two months after her first appointment with Remploy, Samantha interviewed for a Team Member position with Tim Hortons at a job fair – and was offered the job on the spot. 

She said: “My youngest son had just started school and I knew it was time to do something for myself and my children. It was my first interview since I left my previous job, and I was ecstatic to be offered the job on the spot.”  

As Danni works closely with Tim Hortons to support with their recruitment, she ensured they were aware of Samantha’s situation and would make any necessary adjustments to support her to return to work.

Reflecting on her progress, Samantha added: “Tim Hortons is a perfect match for me. I work part-time and if I need to change my shifts, or if something is wrong with my children, the team will help me out as much as they can. They offer flexibility and are very accommodating with my childcare needs as a single parent.”  

Samantha has now been working at Tim Hortons for more than six months and is excited to continue developing her skills and train new staff.  

08 March, 2023