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Tracy lands her first job with support from Remploy 

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Tracy Lawson, 40, had never been in employment and was looking to kickstart her career when she joined the Fair Start Scotland programme in August 2021.  

With four children to support, Tracy was motivated to find her first full-time job so that she could start making her own income and be able to improve the life of her family.  

Tracy said: “Being unemployed impacted my family life and my mental health. I was recommended to join Fair Start by a family member and felt it was the right time to reach out for support.” 

Joining the programme during the pandemic, Tracy was supported through virtual appointments and 1-2-1 sessions in Dundee.  

She attended multiple Journey to Work sessions that aim to support participants to  prepare for employment. Alongside this, Tracy attended a range of Development Sessions that covered a range of topics including – building confidence, CV support, completing job applications, and preparing for interviews.   

She said: “The team helped me to recognise all the transferrable skills that I had built up over time, even without having previous work experience. I didn’t recognise all the skills that I could offer an employer and what I could achieve in my career, until I sat down with my Key Worker.” 

With experience organising and managing events on a voluntary basis, Tracy had existing skills and experience without paid employment. Recognising her potential, Tracy’s Key Worker suggested that she put herself forward for a position as a Branch Co-Ordinator for Remploy. She was successful in the interview stage and landed her very first job.  

Reflecting on her experience, Tracy said: Since walking in the door, I thought to myself that this would be a great organisation to work for – everyone was so helpful and friendly, and it was clear the difference they make in people’s lives.  

Remploy has changed my life for the better by helping me find work. Now that I am working full-time, this has relieved the financial burden on my husband.  

I can’t imagine not working now. I am loving every minute of my new role with Remploy, and I have already learnt so much along the way.” 

Tracy has now been employed for over six months and is looking forward to continue to develop her career with Remploy.   

01 July, 2022