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Joe’s career goes from strength to strength with Remploy’s support

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Joe Vincent joined the Fair Start Scotland programme in August 2021 after losing his job because of COVID-19. 

Joe, 22, from Motherwell had been previously employed as a valet in a local car garage but struggled to find another position in an unstable job market.  

To add to this, Joe had been diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome and was looking for an employer who understood this and could provide additional support when needed. 

Karen Campbell, Joe’s In-Work Support Key Worker, worked with him to find a new, full-time position immediately and within one week, he was successful in securing a role at a local cinema.   

Following this, Karen supported Joe for the next 12 months – keeping in contact on a weekly basis to check how he was settling into his new role and offer any extra help or advice if needed.  

During this time, Joe experienced a grievance situation at work and was supported by Karen, both over the phone and in branch, whilst navigating the issue.   

Joe has now celebrated his one year in-work milestone and within this time, he has progressed his career and started a new role as a Customer Service Advisor with insurance company, Policy Expert.  

Collette Finn, Head of Service at Policy Expert, added:Since joining our team Joe has been an incredible asset. Joe had no insurance knowledge when he joined, but immediately applied himself and took full advantage of our training to learn as much as possible. He is always looking to expand his knowledge and improve, and I believe Joe will have a very successful career here at Policy Expert. “


19 August, 2022