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Remploy supports Georgiana to find work and gain financial independence

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Being out of work for any length of time can be financially challenging for anyone, but it can be even harder when you also have children to support.  

Georgiana Coteanu, from Hamilton, had been out of work since 2019, and was starting to become financially dependent on her mother after becoming a full-time mum herself in 2020. Looking to regain her independence, she joined the Fair Start Scotland service in March this year. 

Whilst her mother was able to provide invaluable childcare, there were limitations on her availability which made Georgiana, 29, more determined to once again be financially independent so she could provide fully for her son. 

Recognising that these barriers were weighing heavily on her, Remploy Key Worker, Gillian Smith encouraged Georgiana to apply for child benefits, Scottish child payments and Universal Credit, helping her with the application process. In addition, Georgiana attended in-house employability development sessions, confidence building exercises and created a brand-new CV. 

Following intensive interview coaching, Georgiana was ready to start looking for work again. Within a month of joining the service, she successfully secured a Tattoo Artist position with a local business in Hamilton.  

With income from her new role and the additional benefit entitlement, Georgiana has gained financial stability and moved closer to becoming fully independent. 

Speaking about her journey Georgiana said: “I am so happy and send massive thanks to Remploy and the team. They are lovely people who have helped me through my journey. 

“I can now look forward and independently provide for my son. I’ve already been able to take him to the Safari Park and McDonalds! I’m now able to buy the essentials needed and luxuries also. We’re even planning to go on holiday next year. 

“I would highly recommend Remploy to anyone who needs help, just look what they’ve helped me with.” 


29 September, 2023