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Jamal finds his dream job since moving to the UK

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When Jamal*, 31, moved from Sudan to Dundee in May 2022 he had a degree in Electrical Engineering and seven years of experience in his field in Sudan and Dubai. Despite his experience abroad he was struggling to find a job in Scotland without any UK-based experience.

Looking for support to find his first UK role, Jamal joined the Fair Start Scotland service in October 2022. Jamal was introduced to Brian Coutts, his dedicated Key Worker, who was there to support him throughout his job search.

Jamal had a basic understanding of English, however, to continue working in his field, he needed support to improve his reading and writing. Brian organised weekly meetings for Jamal where he was able to improve his English and focus on his confidence.

Brian also organised for Jamal to attend employability development sessions where he learnt about what he might experience in a UK workplace.

Brian supported Jamal to update his CV and ensure that his experience and education would be recognised in the UK. In April 2023, after six months of improving his English language skills, Jamal secured a position as an Electrical Engineer in Aberdeen.

After securing employment, Jamal continued to engage with the Fair Start Scotland service where he was supported by his In-Work Support Advisor, Fraser Blackhall.

Fraser was there to help Jamal transition into work and ensure that he had found the right job. Jamal was happy to have found his first UK role, however he was eager to keep improving his skills and find a job that was closer to home.

Jamal worked hard to continue building his English and leadership skills by attending night classes and seeking out learning opportunities within his company. In December 2023, after welcoming his first child, it became quite important for him to find a role with a shorter commute.

In January 2024, thanks to his dedication, he successfully interviewed for an Electrical Project Engineer role in Dundee.

Expressing his thanks to the Remploy team, Jamal said: “I have now settled into my new job, and I love the extra responsibilities that it has. The extra income means that I can better support my family and now that I work closer to home, I have been able to help take care of my daughter. Thank you to the Remploy team for supporting me and helping my family.”

Reflecting on Jamal’s journey with Remploy, Fraser said: “I am super proud of Jamal. He has come a long way since walking through the doors of the Remploy office, where he had never worked in the UK before. It was great to see that each time he came into the office, his confidence grew and his new role has come just in time to help support his growing family.”

*Name anonymised at participant’s request

18 April, 2024