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Anxiety in the workplace

Are you struggling at work due to your anxiety? Our quick guide can help you.

A tidy desk

Sometimes, a messy workspace can cause you stress. Every time you have to search hard for something takes time away from the tasks you already have. So, an organised and tidy desk will help. Make sure you keep only your daily essentials on your desk and use trays to organise your documents.

Planning ahead

The next step is to plan ahead. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, come up with five things to prioritise tomorrow, instead of starting the day overwhelmed by tasks. Also, try not to check your email constantly, as this makes you less productive. Block out one or two times in the day to check and reply to emails. Devoting your energy to this will help take the worry out of the back of your mind that you have ‘so many to answer.’

It’s also important to try doing your most important task (or the one you’re dreading the most) first thing in the morning. It’s easier said than done, but it will leave you feeling motivated for the rest of the day knowing you’ve done it. This is a good habit to practice to stop any anxiety comes creeping in.

At the start of each day, try to picture what you want to achieve. Telling yourself you can get all your work done are positive affirmations that can help when you’re anxious.

We hope this quick guide helps. 

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