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Types of interviews

There are different types of interviews. The more you know about them the better you can prepare.

These include:

  • Competency-based interviews – these interviews are about demonstrating your skills by using examples from past experiences. This could be from work experience, through studying or from your personal life. Competency-based interviews are becoming more common so we have put together a series of online workshops that cover types of interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Informal interviews – some employers may ask you to pop in for a chat. While this is an opportunity for both of you to get to know each other, this informal chat should be treated seriously as the employer will be assessing your skills and suitability for the role
  • Structured interviews – in this type of interview, the employer will ask each candidate the same questions and you will be required to give examples as evidence of your skills.

These are all used to understand you better and see if you fit the role. 

An interview is about answering three basic questions:

  • Can you do the job or do you have the potential to do the job?
  • Do you have the commitment, motivation and willingness to learn?
  • Will you fit in with the company’s values, colleagues and customers?

To convince the employer that you can, you must prepare and practice.

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