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Planning for your first day at work

Starting a new job is an exciting time but can also make you feel nervous. Some nerves are to be expected. Planning your first day at work and being organised can help prevent some of this anxiety.

Our checklist will help you plan your first day at work, to make it as easy as possible:

The week before your first day at work:

  • Ask your employer what you need to bring on your first day at work. Some may need to see your passport or birth certificate
  • Research the company to get a good understanding of what they do and how they work. Make a list of questions to take with you on your first day at work
  • Check who you need to meet and where
  • Plan your journey. How will you get there and what time will you need to leave? Leave a bit earlier than you think you need to, just in case.

The night before your first day at work:

  • Plan what you’re going to wear, iron it and hang it up ready to go. Choose something that makes you feel confident and look professional
  • Set your alarm. Give yourself plenty of time to shower and get ready. Making a good first impression is important so take some time to look presentable
  • Think about whether you need to take food and what you might take. Make it the night before so you’re not in a rush
  • Have your employer’s phone number so you can make contact with them if there are any problems before you arrive
  • If you get nervous meeting new people, think of some good conversation starters to break the ice. Consider asking them who they are and what job they do.

On your first day at work:

  • When you get to your employer, take a breath and remember you are there because you are the right person for the job
  • When you are meeting new people think about the impression you are making. Stand tall, smile and be positive when you are talking to them
  • Remember any paperwork, packed lunch, relax and make the most of it!