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We're here to help you get back into work

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

All of our programmes continue to operate. In line with government guidance, we have reopened a number of our branches and offices for face-to-face delivery. All of our reopened sites are fully COVID safety compliant and have been inspected by health and safety professionals. Please only visit a Remploy branch or office if you have a confirmed appointment with your Advisor or Key Worker. They will share important information with you before your face-to-face meeting, including safety measures and face-covering requirements.

Most of our support continues to be delivered via phone, video and email. Face-to-face delivery remains limited at this time to allow for social distancing and to keep our colleagues and service users safe. If you have any questions, please speak to your Remploy Employment Advisor, Key Worker or usual point of contact. Alternatively, phone the branch as normal. 

We are here to help

We are able to help you with your search for your next job, get your next ideal job and, if you are not ready to move into work straight away, we can help you learn new skills and overcome challenges that you may be experiencing.

Some examples of the help our team can provide include:

Woman talking to someone on the phone
  • Specialist support to help you overcome barriers into employment
  • Building your confidence
  • Support with your CV and job search
  • Training and qualifications
  • Helping you find the right role through our employer partners
  • And so much more. 

If you have any questions relating to our programmes or need more information on how to access our support, please contact us to find out more.

Get in touch today to apply

If you would like our support, speak to your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach about these programmes or get in touch with us for more information:

For Work and Health Programme Job Entry: Targeted Support
Call 0300 456 8161 or email

For Work and Health Programme Wales
Call 0300 456 8025 or email

For Intensive Personalised Employment Support
Call 0300 456 8091 or email

Our programmes

You can apply via your local Jobcentre Plus office for:

Work and Health Programme Job Entry: Targeted Support if you:

  • Are over 16
  • Live and can work in Wales
  • Want to find work and need employment support
  • Unemployed and have been receiving benefits for more than 13 weeks. 

Work and Health Programme Wales or Intensive Personalised Employment Support if you are:

  • Over 18 for Work and Health Programme Wales and over 16 for Intensive Personalised Employment Support
  • Unemployed, live in Wales and have a disability or health condition. 

All programmes look at every aspect of your life, not just the employment outcomes, whatever your circumstances. They will help you develop your skills, manage your health and wellbeing, build your emotional strength and resilience as well as making you job-ready.

You will receive up to:

  • Six months' support with Work and Health Programme Job Entry: Targeted Support
  • 21 months with Work and Health Programme Wales and Intensive Personalised Employment Support.

Depending on your individual needs and once in work, we'll still be there for you, making sure you are settled and the role is the right fit for you. 

Watch how Chris overcame his barriers to land a dream job as a mechanic

    Woman talking to man on conference call


    You will be matched to your own dedicated Key Worker throughout your journey into work. They will support you through phone calls, emails, video chat and text messages, to help you find the right job. 
    Your Key Worker will get to know you, identify your skills and strengths, and if there are any particular challenges making it harder for you to move into work. Together, we will build a step-by-step action plan to help you get to where you want to be. 
    You’ll have access to:

    • Specialist support, tailored to your needs
    • Help with job searches, CVs, application forms and interview preparation
    • Training to get you new skills for future job goals
    • Advice on health, wellbeing, housing, money, debt and IT from our community partners across Wales
    • Volunteering opportunities to gain vital experience
    • Links with employers to help you secure placements or jobs that suit your circumstances and so much more.

    For up to 21 months, depending on your individual needs and once in work, we’ll still be there for you, making sure you are settled and the role is the right fit for you.

    Community Partnerships Network Wales logo

    Remploy deliver programmes in Wales with the support of 
    a Community Partnership Network (CPN). The CPN consists of over
    100 organisations, offering specialist interventions for skills development,
    health and employment. Our partners are also varied, with a mixture of
    public, private and third sector organisations.

    We’re incredibly proud of all of the people we’ve supported through our programmes. Their stories make for inspiring reading.

    James is looking forward in his new role

    James Bailey had limited work experience, and had been unemployed for over 12 months before joining the Work and Health Programme with Remploy in Cardiff.

    His challenges included learning difficulties and depression, with a history of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. In addition, mounting debt problems had led him to start drinking heavily, and he felt that his life was out of control.

    James with his advisor

    James started working intensively with Employment Advisor, who provided support to identify his job goals, build his confidence and create a new CV.

    A referral was made to Remploy’s Community Partnership Network (CPN) member Action in Caerau and Ely for a benefit calculation and community support. A further referral to Adult Learning Wales improved James’ digital literacy, work skills and personal development. His confidence slowly increased, and his newly-acquired skills encouraged him to consider opportunities other than his previous cleaning roles.

    When the extent of James’ personal problems became clear, Chris referred him to CPN member Pure Insights International for weekly counselling to address his mental health issues and set out a plan of support. He was also encouraged to visit his GP and arrangements were made with a specialist debt advisory service. 
    With the support of his advisor, James started looking and applying for suitable vacancies. He applied for and secured an interview with Burger King in Cardiff, and after attending interview skills training, James successfully gained a part-time kitchen assistant role, which quickly progressed to full-time hours. 
    James’ determination has paid off and he is now fully independent and managing his own finances. 

    Kris with his advisor

    Kris is smiling again thanks to his apprenticeship

    Kris Ratcliffe, 31, from Porth, had been unemployed for a year before being referred to the Work and Health Programme.

    Owing to a bone growth disorder, Achondroplasia, that causes disproportionate dwarfism, Kris felt misjudged because of his height. This had led to him suffering with depression and anxiety over the years.

    Employment Advisor Matthew Pugh met with Kris and immediately referred him to Hafal, Wales’ leading charity for people with serious mental illness.
    Once Kris completed Hafal’s six-week anxiety and stress management course, he was supported in developing a recovery plan, which gave him encouragement in his search for work. With the support of his Employment Advisor, Kris updated his CV and began applying for suitable vacancies, however it became clear that his anxiety during interviews was hindering him. After intensive interview support, Kris began to build his motivation and determination to succeed.  
    A two day work trial was arranged with JCP Solicitors in Caerphilly for a Level 3 Apprenticeship. This was successful and Kris was offered an apprenticeship role with the firm.
    He said; “Remploy has been great. They never gave up on me, picking me up when I was down, giving me a purpose and believing in me. All that made me more determined. If you have good people supporting you, you can do whatever you put your mind to.
    I’m looking forward now and can’t wait to complete my Apprenticeship and gain a qualification to make a career.”

    They gave it a shot. Could you?

    Get in touch today for our support or more information:

    For Work and Health Programme Job Entry: Targeted Support
    Call 0300 456 8161, email 

    For Work and Health Programme Wales
    Call 0300 456 8025, email

    For Intensive Personalised Employment Support
    Call 0300 456 8091, email

    Remploy Cymru is a leading provider of specialist employment and skills in Wales. Our mission is to transform the lives of individuals, whatever their circumstances, to move into work by providing sustainable employment opportunities. We have supported more than 25,000 people into work.

    We have supported more than 25,000 people into work.

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