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Products and services

For your customers

Triage, employment and personal budgetary support

Personal support that focuses on maximising income for people who are claiming Universal Credit, helping to get the most rental income for you and get them into employment.

Embedded advisors

Our expert employment advisors can operate from your premises, giving your customers easy and convenient access to professional advice, support and guidance.

Mental health support training

Mental health support training is specially designed for people who are in receipt of Universal Credit and are looking for work, to build confidence and self-esteem, helping to increase their income through work and maximise rental income.

Individual placement and support

People with severe and enduring mental health problems have some of the lowest employment rates in the UK, yet many of them want to work. Individual placement support assists those with moderate to severe mental health conditions to gain and sustain suitable employment.


Coaching is a way of supporting people to identify barriers to employment, supporting them to overcome these barriers and use the skills learnt to achieve goals, such as employment, training or qualifications. Throughout the course, progress is recorded and at the last session the trainer and person being coached review the progression that has been made and what their future plans are.


A chance for individuals to see how they get on working in a business and for employers, an opportunity to find out how well they fit into their business through structured work placements.

For your staff

Vocational rehabilitation services

A comprehensive range of vocational rehabilitation specialist services to address and resolve workplace absence.

In-work support

Up to two year's free in-work support for people we have placed in employment to help them remain in work and develop their career.

Access to Work Mental Health Support Service

A self-referral service for people with mental health conditions who are facing difficulties at or are absent from work to stay in work. Find out more.

For you

Equality and diversity training

Online and classroom based learning programmes that provide training for employers and businesses to improve knowledge and confidence about mental health, equality, diversity and disability issues.

Workplace mental wellbeing training

This interactive workshop helps managers to support the mental wellbeing of your staff, not just those diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Disability Guide

Our Disability Guide will enable you to improve disability confidence across your organisation by giving your staff an appreciation and understanding of the most common disabilities and long-term conditions.

Disability and health awareness workshop

A full day workshop for you and your staff that will help to improve understanding of disability issues and help to ensure that you are disability compliant.

Direct hire solutions

We can help you to fill vacancies from a diverse range of talented and motivated individuals who are matched to meet your needs. For more information, contact us on 0300 456 8025 or email