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So, why become an Expert by Experience?

  • You have the opportunity to change and improve health and social care services in this country
  • You will receive first class, face-to-face training
  • You will learn and develop transferable skills such as report writing and interviewing/active listening
  • You will be supported throughout your journey - from registering your interest, through training and your first inspection, to continual skills updating
  • We will supply assistance to help you undertake the inspections if you need us to - just ask!
  • You will be working with a well-respected and well-known government organisation, the Care Quality Commission, which will look great on your CV
  • You can be paid or undertake the work on a voluntary basis
  • You will have the opportunity to network with other Experts by Experience.

If you would like to find out more about the Care Quality Commission please visit their website The CQC have also produced a short video that helps to explain the Experts by Experience programme and how it fits with their commitment to improving health and social care across the country.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us on, or if you would like an easy read version of the information on Experts by Experience please download it here easy read version

We hope you share our passion for this unique opportunity to be the voice of those who use health and social care and that you will consider becoming an Expert by Experience. If you would like to be considered, or to find out more, please complete the electronic enquiry form

Inspired to get involved?

Inspired to get involved?

Work with us to change health and social care services - learn more about becoming an Expert by Experience by clicking on the link below.

Register your interest

Case Studies - Select one of the three case studies above to read more.

Rafik, Dementia Partners Expert

Rafik regularly takes part in inspections in and around London.

"After being discharged from the services myself, the Experts by Experience initiative became a beam of hope for me. I discovered that by helping others, I was also helping myself.

I have since inspected over 100 services and a lot of the time I come across vulnerable people in vulnerable situations who do not have a voice for themselves and as ExE's, we make sure that their voice is heard. Having been there ourselves, ExE's understand what people are going through and can make the whole interview process feel like a more relaxed informal conversation. As a result, we get invaluable feedback with the hope that it used to ultimately improve the services we help inspect.

Meeting different people, seeing best practice and travelling to different places all the time is enjoyable, but seeing the hope in people's eyes when telling them you were once in their situation is the most fulfilling part of being an Expert By Experience."

Jamie, Remploy Expert

“Through supporting my partner’s grandfather who has Parkinson's, I saw first-hand how difficult it can be using different NHS services for a prolonged period of time, whilst dealing with a long-term health condition. This gave me the desire to become an Expert. I wanted an opportunity to input and hopefully improve the service, not only because it is used by my partner's grandfather, but also because it is regularly used by other family members and friends, and any positive changes would also have an impact on the wider community. By becoming an Expert I knew I would gain some very specialist experience that could assist me to further develop in my current job role as a specialist employment advisor and also possibly help my career.

There were lots of documents I needed to read prior to my first 'End of Life' inspection. I was provided with maps of the hospital, dates and times to schedule in conference calls, and also a face to face meeting.

On the first day of the inspection I was made to feel extremely welcome by the 'End of Life' inspection team, including two lead Inspectors and two specialists.

I felt, after our conversations together, I was prepared to some degree to meet patients, families and carers and gauge how they felt they had been cared for and for me to undertake the “loved-one's” test. These meetings gave me valuable information and I kept reminding myself of the CQC values and the key Experts by Experience objectives.

The next day continued in much the same way as the first. I was now feeling much more confident when talking to patients and relatives. It wasn’t easy because some of it was very emotional, but I needed to be strong and deal with the information, and what I witnessed, in a very compassionate, empathetic and professional manner.

After each day I had to write up reports and summarise my findings, using initials of the patients and/or carers. The Inspectors and the team were very supportive, lovely people and I was treated very well.

I have now completed one inspection and would totally recommend becoming an Expert to my friends and colleagues who use health and social care services”.

David, Kate Mercer Training Expert

“I have worked in social care all of my adult life, covering from cradle to the grave and have had a very fulfilling and rewarding career in both the voluntary and statutory sectors.

I also shared in the care of both my parents as they became older and less independent. Both were disabled and in their later years became subject (separately) to the rigours of Alzheimer's and stroke related dementia. This led to a move from home supported care, to live in family care, and ultimately a mix of hospital and residential/nursing home care. My siblings and I shared care and responsibility for our parents and were with them until the end. I have witnessed (both professionally and personally) the joys, demands and pressures of these life changes.

On moving to semi-retirement I decided I wanted to give something back and to provide a voice for residents and their families/carers; becoming an Expert has provided this opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy the role, meeting new people, going to new places and helping CQC Inspectors meet their responsibilities in trying to ensure families and older people are given the best available information in making crucial life choices.

On one follow-up inspection a family member said to me how crucial the former inspection had been in raising standards and quality, and that being able to play a part in voicing the pluses and minuses had made her feel valued and worthwhile.

This is why I chose to be an Expert”.