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Interested in becoming a Partner Organisation?

Remploy is committed to working closely with its partners - developing professional relationships that draw on the strengths of each other.

Partners can be either Delivery partners, or referral partners. Delivery partners work with us to provide Experts By Experience under a supply of service contract. Referral partners refer potential experts to us from their pool of service users. Whichever partnership option you choose, you can be sure that Remploy is committed to providing an excellent partner experience and is committed to following the ‘Merlin Standard’ for Delivery management (introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions) integrating the four fundamental principles of Delivery design, commitment, conduct and review.

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Delivery partners

We work with a small number of specialist Delivery partners on the Experts by Experience programme. Each partner brings their own specialism and and value their experience the key areas of dementia, mental health, advocacy, substance misuse, disability and older people. Each of our partners has their own cache of Experts with whom they already work, and they all benefit from being part of a wider network spread across northern England, London and southern England.

Our current partners are: Enham Trust, Lifeline Project, Kate Mercer Training, Dementia Partners and Addiction Dependency Solutions.

Referral partners

We have a less formal, non-contractual relationship with our referral partners. They see the benefit that being part of the Expert by Experience gives to their clients and refer them to us. There is no cost to the referral partner or the Expert in becoming part of the programme - they simply apply, and upon successful completion of bespoke, face-to-face training, they will have the opportunity to undertake their first inspection with the Care Quality Commission.

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