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This half day workshop examines the relationship between stress, performance, resilience and wellbeing, and the factors that drive wellbeing at work.

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What is resilience training?

Mental health costs UK employers an estimated £26 billion each year*.
Developing your employees’ personal resilience could significantly reduce the impact of mental health on your workforce and improve business performance.
Resilient employees cope better with adversity and are more likely to continue performing well when faced with challenges, as well as being better able to maintain their mental wellbeing.
The workshop help employees and/or managers to build and maintain resilience within the working environment.

If you are wondering if resilience training is right for your company, ask yourself:

  • Would your organisation benefit from a more resilient workforce?
  • Is your organisation supporting employee mental wellbeing?
  • Do your employees know how to maximise their personal resilience in order to work to their full potential in the workplace?
  • Do your managers, team leaders and supervisors know how to create resilient teams?

Who is it suitable for?

For all employees:
This workshop provides a safe and open environment to discuss personal resilience. We explore different factors influencing resilience and ask delegates to reflect on how these affect them individually. We also consider the relationship between stress, wellbeing and performance, as well as the drivers for resilience and the attributes of a resilient person.
It provides delegates with the opportunity to create an individual plan for building and maintaining their own personal resilience. A range of tools, strategies and techniques are explored and practised so delegates are fully equipped to use this following the training at work and in their personal lives. All delegates will receive a comprehensive workbook and certificate of attendance (if required).
For management groups:
In addition to the content above about developing personal resilience, we can add in a ‘creating a resilient team’ module. This focuses on the manager’s role in building resilience and supporting wellbeing.
Suitable for
Managers, supervisors and team leaders who wish to improve their personal resilience and build resilient teams. As well as employees who want or need to improve their personal resilience.

Key objectives of the workshop:

  • Define resilience in their own words and understand why it is important
  • Recognise the relationship between pressure and stress as well as their own physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive symptoms of stress
  • Learn the key ingredients for resilience
  • Determine areas for development in their own personal resilience
  • Challenge negative thinking patterns
  • Identify their social support network and where support may need strengthening
  • Pinpoint key lifestyle factors which impact on their natural level of resilience.

What will the workshop cover?

Workshop content overview

Links between pressure, stress, performance, wellbeing and resilience

Help delegates to understand the relevance of resilience and how it can affect wellbeing and performance.

Factors that drive wellbeing at work

Looking at those aspects of delegates' work which impact their wellbeing (both positively and negatively). Examples include work demands and levels of control etc. and how resilience can improve their experience in dealing with these.

Strengths and development areas for delegates' own resilience

They will get the opportunity to explore their own natural resilience. This is based on a completed personality assessment and identifying specific strengths inherent in their natural style, as well as potential development areas.

Tools, techniques and tips for building and maintaining resilience

Delegates will learn some evidence based techniques and approaches for building resilience and managing pressure effectively.

Building resilient teams (for management groups only)

A session on the manager's role in building resilience and supporting wellbeing.


What our customers say:

There was an open approach and everyone was allowed to share and comment."

It has made me more self aware and heightened areas to work on."

Previous delegates

How much will it cost?

Group size: 8-12 participants per workshop
Half day: £650 plus VAT

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to offer to individual delegates.

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* Source: Centre for Mental Health (2007)