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The employer journey

Diagram showing the employer journey (Exploring; Commitment to change; Training, processes and support in place; Disability confident; Exemplar; Advocate)

Disabled people make great employees, and making sure you attract and retain disabled talent can benefit any business. Thousands of employers are already realising these benefits, but for many it seems difficult, complicated and some don’t know where to start.

With over 70 years’ experience, Remploy are experts in helping employers create an environment where all employees can thrive. This experience has led us to create an ‘employer’s journey’. This journey highlights the stages employers go through, from exploring what is possible to creating an inspirational workplace where all types of talent is able to shine, and other employers set as a benchmark.

You’ll see at each stage, what employers like yourselves, might already be doing, the support Remploy will provide to help you, the key milestones and the business benefits you could achieve.

We recognise it’s not a one size fits all approach. Businesses, like disabled people aren’t all the same. We understand that by working together we can capitalise on your business’s capacity to harness the skills, motivation and loyalty that disabled people bring to any organisation.

What’s the value to you

  • You can see the benefits and support available to help set goals on an attainable journey plan
  • We can better explain our approach, helping to open up new opportunities and improve our engagement with you
  • Remploy can recognise and reward employers and build a plan of support in line with your objectives.

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