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Skills and employment

Our skills programmes provide tailored solutions to help your business access a new, fresh pool of talent, whilst allowing disabled people and those with health conditions fulfill their potential, move into work and support their career development. We co-design programmes with our employer partners to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Pre-employment programmes

We design pre-employment programmes for unemployed disabled learners, tailored to the needs of a specific employer, sector or locality to ensure participants are matched to the most appropriate vacancies. This training includes:

  • Sector-specific training
  • Work experience
  • Pre-screening and assessment, with guaranteed interviews.

Examples of this growing portfolio include: Marks and Start (Marks and Spencer), the Disability Work Experience programme (Lloyds Banking), Think Differently (MITIE), and Whitbread’s Investing in Skills and Education programme (Costa Coffee). Click here for further information on current programmes, or contact us to find out more.

Supported Internships

This scheme helps young people aged 16 to 24 with complex learning difficulties or disabilities to find work.

Part of a full-time study programme, we provide on-the-job training with expert onsite job coaches responsible for supporting both you and your interns. The programme can also give interns the opportunity to take courses to develop other relevant skills, such as effective communication or understanding money. Contact us to find out more.

Project Dynamo

This exciting new programme draws on best practice that works for people with learning disabilities. 

We provide specialist training to members of your team, ensuring they are skilled and confident to provide in-work support to people with learning disabilities who want to work. This allows us to introduce participants into your business knowing that you have the in-house resource to provide quality support, and increase the chance of sustained success. Contact us to find out more. 

Hear from one of our clients, Tony Sealey, a McDonald’s franchisee in the below video, on what Project Dynamo means to him, and how it has helped his chain of McDonald’s restaurants: