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Champion networks

Is your organisation looking to further disability confidence and inclusion? The best companies are always looking at ways to increase the engagement of their disabled workforce and develop a workplace culture which values diversity, equality and inclusion.

Creating a network of disability champions can help you:

  • Reach employees across every part of your business to promote an inclusive environment
  • Increase visibility of disability and mental health in the workplace to attract and retain the best talent
  • Create a vehicle for change by developing leaders and reinforcing your strategic direction for diversity and inclusion.

Our service can help you establish a network of disability champions within your organisation. We will:

  • Engage with key stakeholders to define the role, remit and structure of your disability champions
  • Support you in getting the right people for the role by developing communications and selection criteria
  • Develop and deliver an effective training programme which increases champions’ disability and mental health knowledge and educates champions on their role, embedding your organisational practices and strategic direction
  • Work with you to identify key impact measures and support ongoing evaluation.

For further information, contact us or email