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Current partnership opportunities

We know that we can’t always meet the needs of our clients on our own which is why we have a wide range of partners like you.

On this page you can find information on our current opportunities, and how to express your interest.

    MAXIMUS* are seeking expressions of interest from organisations / companies keen to explore a collaboration in response to the Integrated Lifestyle Service, being procured by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council.

    We would really welcome interest from organisations that:

    • Have a successful track record of providing services that support any or all of the following:
      • weight loss 
      • increased physical activity
      • stopping smoking
      • reduction in alcohol consumption 
      • improvements in mental wellbeing
      • falls prevention
      • type 2 diabetes prevention
    • Have a geographical presence across or within Cambridgeshire and/or Peterborough, with a focus on the most deprived areas and communities within them.
    • Experience of working with groups and individuals most likely to experience health inequality and heightened barriers to engagement.
    • Specific expertise in relation to supporting the improvement of health literacy and health behaviours with individuals and groups.
    • Have foundations rooted in local communities / networks, providing platforms for social movement and empowerment.

    Should you wish to provide us with any additional documentation to support your expression of interest, please email  these to

    Deadline: Friday 10th January, 2020

    *MAXIMUS represents a group of its corporate affiliate(s) which include MAXIMUS UK Services, Remploy Limited, MAXIMUS People Services Limited, Health Management Limited, and Revitalised Limited.

    MAXIMUS is seeking expressions of interest from organisations who are interested in becoming part of our supply chain for the delivery of the Ministry of Justice Probation Delivery Partner opportunity. We would particularly like to hear from organisations whose provision meets the needs of diverse customer groups that reflect the make-up of the CPA and represent minority groups.

    The main elements of the Innovation Partner opportunity are the delivery of:

    • Community Payback (Unpaid Work) - The provision of unpaid work placements for offenders as part of their Community Order/ Suspended Sentence Order. Provision should include the delivery of Employment, Training & Education for unemployed participants, for up to 20% of their time on programme.
    •  Accredited Programmes - These are CSAAP-accredited programmes;
      more information can be found here
    • Non-Accredited Structured Interventions, across the pathways of: Emotional Management; Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour; and Domestic Violence (for perpetrators). We are looking for evidenced-based one-to-one and/or group interventions.

    If your organisation wishes to join our Community Partnership Network in Wales please contact Helen Cornett our Lead Partnership Advisor on 07909 877 576 or at 


    If your organisation wishes to join our Community Partnership Network in Scotland please contact Nicole Cranston our Partnership Manager on 07747 020 342 or at 


    Remploy partner with a number of local, regional and national providers who offer a range of specialist services and interventions that can enhance and compliment services delivered to our customers.If you wish to be considered as a potential partner please download the expression of interest registration form (.docx) using the link below, and return it to


    A guide to working with Remploy

    Remploy truly value the importance of partnership working and we welcome the opportunity to explore and understand the services offered from like minded organisations. This page has been developed to provide a guide as to what you can expect when engaging with Remploy for future partnership opportunities.

    In the first instance all prospective partners must complete our initial Expression of Interest (EOI) form which can be found via the link below.

    Download and Complete our Expression of Interest form (.docx)

    Initial EOI

    All partners must complete our initial EOI form where we ask for key information about your organisation which include:

    • Basic company information
    • Lead contact details
    • Services offered
    • Cohorts supported
    • Geographical coverage.

    All information is captured and stored on our database, this is then analysed in line with all current and future specification requirements. Should your organisation be selected as a potential partner for an existing or future contact we will engage directly with you to discuss the opportunity further. Organisations on our initial EOI list will receive the following from Remploy:

    • Quarterly Partnership newsletter advising of future partnership opportunities
    • Regular Political Ebulletin
    • Email notifications of potential partnership opportunities.

    Partnership engagement

    If your organisation has been selected as a potential partner, Remploy’s dedicated Partnership team will engage directly with you. During this stage we will work closely with you to fully understand and discuss the following:

    • A detailed understanding of the services offered
    • The potential capability and capacity your organisation has and a greater understanding of your current contracts or programmes
    • An overview of your organisation’s strategy for growth or sustainment
    • Detailed discussions of present partnership opportunities and the next steps required to progress the partnership which will include:
      - An invite to a partnership event
      - A second stage EOI in line with each opportunity specification
      - Completion of stage one due diligence.

    All information gathered for each opportunity will be reviewed and scored in line with the requirements for each opportunity. If your organisation has been selected we will enter into formal discussions. 

    If you have not been selected for a specific opportunity you will be advised accordingly.

    Formal discussions

    At Remploy, we pride ourselves  in our open and transparent engagement with partners and this is crucial when entering into agreements to deliver services. During the procurement of supply chain partners you can expect the following from us:

    • Open and clear communication
    • A formal offer letter detailing our delivery expectations
    • A negotiation meeting to discuss delivery requirements
    • A request for formal acceptance of the offer.

    Contract award and mobilisation

    When Remploy is notified of a contract award all relevant partners will be notified and we will discuss next steps to be in a position to enter into a formal contract or relevant agreement. During the mobilisation stage, you will be allocated a dedicated point of contact who will work collaboratively with you to ensure that the below milestones are reached:

    • Completion of stage two due diligence - a full review of all relevant policies and processes
    • Contract/agreement issued and signed
    • System and process training to support full mobilisation.

    All partners delivering on an end to end services will be managed and supported by their dedicated Performance manager through mobilisation and on an ongoing basis throughout delivery.

    The Merlin Standard

    Throughout our procurement process and ongoing engagement with our partners we aim to adhere to and embed the principles within The Merlin Standard. In December 2016 Remploy was reassessed and awarded the Merlin Standard. A copy of our latest report can be found here.

     Download and view our latest report (.pdf)