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Sundeep is top of the charts

22 May 2017

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Remploy and its partners work together to turn Sundeep into a top performer!

Sundeep Bains is determined his disability will never get in the way of him succeeding at his job - and he's now proving it in the best possible way!

Sundeep, who is totally blind, consistently tops the sales charts. He works at BT's broadband sales centre in Hanley, near Stoke on Trent, a job he's had since Remploy assisted him with job searching and practical help with interviews. Remploy works in partnership with Manpower, the company that provides staff for BT's contact centres, and this relationship has led to many people with disabilities and health conditions returning to work or entering the jobs market for the first time.

Initially, Sundeep worked as a BT customer services assistant, but he and Manpower quickly realised that standard voice recognition software could not keep pace with his need to input data. Working closely with BT, Manpower and Remploy, and funded by a Jobcentre Plus scheme, the software was developed further and, using a new bespoke system, Sundeep was transferred to BT sales.

Zoe Hankey, who is Manpower's resource manager in Hanley, said, "We worked with a number of organisations so that Sundeep could compete with his colleagues on a level playing field. His overriding desire is to be considered equally but, in sales terms, he's a top performer!"

"Over the past year, my employers have made significant investments in time and shown real commitment to me, and they've introduced systems to enable me to do my job. My aim is to repay them by helping customers choose the best broadband products and services. I'm determined to stay at the top of my department's sales chart not just this month, but every month!"

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