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Sarah’s ‘lovin it’ at McDonald’s

26 Dec 2016

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Sarah Curry, 23 years old, from Small Heath in Birmingham has never had a job before. She has epilepsy which can cause her to have blackouts and fits. Now she’s fully managing her condition and recently got a job with McDonald’s at their restaurant on Chester Road.

Sarah is part of Project Dynamo which is provided by Remploy, the disability employment specialists. Project Dynamo aims to increase the employment rate of people with learning disabilities, which at just 6 per cent is the lowest rate of employment among all disabled people. 
She said: “I always thought I couldn’t work because of my epilepsy. Not many people understand how horrible it makes you feel, but I have medication to control the fitting now and I just need to be careful doing certain tasks to make sure they are not triggers. Trying to find work was really stressful and I thought my condition would restrict what I could do. I’m really enjoying my job with McDonald’s though and I’m hoping to have a successful career with them.”
Through Project Dynamo, Remploy experts deliver specialist learning disability training to existing McDonald’s staff, developing their skills and enabling them to take on a job coach role to support individuals with a learning disability.
Gemma Bracebridge, Sarah’s Job Coach at McDonald’s, Chester Road, said: “When Sarah first came to us she wasn’t very confident, however she has really grown since then and come on leaps and bounds. She really has come a very long way and I’m enjoying working with her.”
Providing support from an internal job coach who really understands the business enables the person with a learning disability to settle quicker and also adds new skills to the workforce, creating a more inclusive working environment.
Remploy Employment Advisor Jeanette McMahon said: “Project Dynamo really worked well for Sarah because she didn’t have to go through the traditional formal interview process. McDonald's has been really supportive and enabled Sarah to try different roles. She was really nervous on her first day because she didn’t know what to expect, however slowly but surely she got better at knowing what to do and is now doing a lot more independently - she’s doing really well.”

I am much more confident in what I’m doing,” added Sarah, “I don’t let the epilepsy affect this. I’m more independent now I’m working and don’t have to rely on my parents for money anymore. As well as this I have a better social life outside of home now too.”