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Remploy helps Paul manage his anxiety in work

17 May 2018

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Professor Paul Tucker thought being stressed and anxious most of the time was normal, until things eventually became too much and he sought help.

Paul, who is 54 and works as Rank Professor of Engineering for the University of Cambridge has experienced anxiety most of his life but only recently realised it was becoming unmanageable.

It took a long time to accept I was ill, I thought there was nothing wrong with me. Eventually I realised that is it not normal to feel intensely anxious 99% of the time and I needed to do something about it! That’s when I sought help from Remploy.”

Paul was referred by his Occupational Health department to the Access to Work Workplace Mental Health Support Service, which is a free and confidential service, delivered by Remploy and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The service is personalised and supports individuals with all mental health issues which are affecting their work including, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Paul said: “I was used to referrals taking a long time, so it was refreshing that within a week I received a call from my Remploy Vocational Rehabilitation Coach, Wendie. She helped me to liaise with my employer to make my workload more manageable, make them aware there would be a recovery period and talk about adjustments to help me in my role. Her support has been invaluable.”

Paul has worked for the university for over ten years and current area of interest is aircraft engines. He has also previously worked at the University of Swansea and University of Warwick.

Paul added: “In my current role I was supporting around 20 researchers at one time and it just became too much with the rest of my workload. I now have a much smaller and more manageable research group which is better.

“As an academic, common sense is not always my forte, so it was really helpful to have Wendie’s good common sense advice. She suggested ways to deal with my anxiety which were invaluable, as the nature of the condition means that it can take hold very quickly and small things seem like a catastrophe!

“Cambridge University Occupational Health Service also gave me incredible support and access to the best medical care and help. They really did go to a tremendous amount of effort, so I feel very lucky to have such great support!”

Wendie Evison, Remploy Vocational Rehabilitation Coach said: “Paul is charming and has been a delight to support. Small changes were suggested that made a huge difference to the way Paul viewed things. I wish him the best of luck for his future.”

For more information about the free Workplace Mental Health Support Service, contact Remploy on 0300 456 8114 or our mental health page.