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New recruit Lee already loves his job at Tesco

03 Jan 2018

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A Denton man has finally got the start in life he yearned for, thanks to a jobs partnership between Tesco and disability employment specialists Remploy.

Lee Jones, 22, finished his education and spent many months trawling through vacancies at his local Jobcentre Plus. Lee, who has Asperger Syndrome and a speech disability, was continually overlooked by potential employers, and his confidence suffered with each rejection letter he received.

“So many employers who advertised vacancies never even bothered to respond, and that just made matters worse,” he said. “I was beginning to think I was unemployable, but at the same time really wanted to get out of the house and start making my own way in life.”

Lee was referred to Remploy for specialist support, and that’s when he turned the corner. Working alongside his employment advisor, he added all his skills and experiences to his CV, learned techniques that would ensure he made the best impression during interviews, and was encouraged to apply for jobs that really interested him. His confidence grew and he started to see a future for himself.

“With Remploy right behind me, I applied to work at Tesco Extra in Stockport and, following a two-week trial, my job was then confirmed. I am still on top of the moon and loving every minute,” he said. “I meet new people and chat to them as I go about my work, which is something I would previously have found very challenging. I have a reason to get up in the morning - a real sense of purpose.”

Lee works outdoors in all weathers, ensuring that the car park is kept clean and tidy and the trolley parks are fully stocked ready for customers as they arrive.

“He is a real asset to our business,” added Tesco People Manager Alan Howard. “Lee is keen to do a good job and we were delighted to have given him the opportunity. Being fully inclusive is fundamental to Tesco, and that includes employing people who have disabilities. Our focus is to support our colleagues so that they can be the best and do a really good job, and that certainly “Lee is a great example of somebody who just needed a little help to get onto the first rung of the jobs ladder,” added Remploy Regional Account Manager Alison Armstrong. “He finished his education and faced a very uncertain future. He has many skills and abilities and just needed help in channelling them in the right direction.

“Working with the great team at Tesco Express, he’ll continue to grow in his job and as a person. Tesco is very keen to employ people who have the ability to do a great job, and that’s a perfect description of Lee.”