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Mental health support helps Greg keep his job

03 Jan 2018

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A few years ago, everything came to a head for 44 year old Greg McGahan from Hyde in Manchester, he was struggling to deal with mental health issues while also trying to balance his work and family-life. With several major changes at work and what felt like an unmanageable workload, Greg began to show signs of stress and was unsure of his future.

Greg, who has worked in the finance team for a large public sector organisation for more than 12 years, has cerebral palsy, a condition he’s had since birth. It affects his lower limbs and makes walking a challenge, as well as impacting his cognitive abilities such as memory, the ability to learn new information and the time it takes him to understand instructions.
Greg commented: “When I first contacted Remploy I had been off work for a month due to stress. It was a challenging time as I found it hard to communicate with my employer about my condition and I felt they wouldn’t understand the adjustments that I would require. I was thinking about leaving my job but, with my marriage already under strain I didn’t want to lose my house and more importantly my family.”
After contacting Remploy Greg was given advice and guidance as part of the free and confidential Access To Work Workplace Mental Health Support. This service is personalised and supports individuals with all mental health issues which are affecting their work including, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
Support is personalised and can include six months of work focused mental health support, an opportunity to identify coping strategies and a tailored work plan detailing the steps needed to remain in, or return to work.
Corey Hodges, Greg’s Vocational Rehabilitation Coach said: “When I first met Greg he was very stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. His mood was really low, he was also contemplating leaving his job because he was struggling to deal with his workload and was unable to sleep as a result.”
He added: “Together, through a series of meetings with his employer, we worked on a plan to improve his workload and his employer was happy to put some changes in place including a special ergonomic mouse, an adjustable desk so he can move his working position and the opportunity to work from home a few days a week.”
With Corey’s support, Greg was also given the opportunity to complete a Job Demand Analysis and a Psychological Vocational Assessment, which identified how Greg and his employer could get the best from his skills, experience and abilities.
Greg has now been back at work for 13 months. His organisation has worked hard with him to ensure they have a better understanding of his needs and that they have a good working relationship, so Greg feels comfortable enough to discuss any adjustments should he need them.
Greg added: “I have a settled working life again and a positive outlook.“Corey’s support and assistance was priceless. Remploy has enabled me to feel comfortable in my workplace again and I’m forever grateful!”
For more information about the free Workplace Mental Health Support Service, contact Remploy on 0300 456 8114 or  our mental health page. Our opening hours are: 

Mon - Fri 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 13:00