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Karen makes moves towards a brighter future

15 May 2020

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Karen Maran, of Wymondham, South Norfolk, was struggling in an unsuitable job and unhappy in her new neighbourhood since relocating. She contacted the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service, delivered by Remploy, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, after finding their details at her local GP surgery.

My work on a farm was repetitive and onerous and l was afraid l would no longer be able to cope with it. After ringing the helpline, I was interviewed by Wendie, who has supported and encouraged me with helpful, practical advice”.

Karen’s Key Worker at Remploy, Wendie Evison said,

It was clear that Karen was overwhelmed by her situation, I advised Karen to re-engage with clinical mental health support through her GP surgery and the community mental health team. After identifying problems in her working environment, we discussed different coping strategies and tools available to her to help improve her current situation. Karen’s self- esteem was very low and she struggled to imagine that her circumstances could get better.

Throughout the support period, I offered Karen encouragement and advice and by re-writing her CV, I gave her the belief that she could return to the hospitality and cleaning industry, which is what she wanted”.

Karen’s mental health began to improve and she identified her home as a factor causing distress, so she relocated to the village where she had lived previously, and reconnected with friends who were able to offer support.

Karen successfully interviewed to deliver a cleaning contract with a new employer and plans to offer cleaning services on a self-employed basis.

Within six months l found a new job, a new home and new outlook on life. I’m still supported by Wendie, who has become a true friend and confidante. I am eternally grateful to Remploy for giving me the opportunity to access the help l so desperately needed and offering me someone who had the empathy and understanding to help me get well.

I am now motivated and thriving, having been guided on how to free myself from a seemingly hopeless situation.”

Karen continues to be supported by Remploy through the nine month service.

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is personalised and supports people with mental health issues that affect their work including depression and anxiety.

For further information, visit our Access to Work Mental Health Support Service page, chat to us online or email

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