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Derrick’s delight as he keeps his job and plans his wedding

21 May 2018

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Derrick Neilson was flying high in his job as a Stores Manager, until stress and depression left him on the verge of falling out of work and feeling like he “had nowhere to turn”.

After moving from Aberdeen to Glasgow and seeking support from Remploy, the disability employment specialists, the future is much brighter for the 31 year old who has managed to stay in his job with Scots Bearings LTD and is looking forward to marrying his fiancé later this year.

Derrick commented: “I hit rock bottom and I felt my depression took over. Without the support of Remploy, the incredible team around me at Scots Bearings, my friends and my family I feel I would still be in that dark place. I began self-harm, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and at one point I even overdosed on my medication for depression. I was praying for things to change and wanted to feel myself again.”

Derrick’s employer, Scots Bearings noticed fluctuations with his mood and they suggested he contact Remploy for support to help him sustain his job, as work can have a big effect on mood and managing depression.

On contacting Remploy, Derrick was enrolled with the Access to Work Workplace Mental Health Support Service, which is a free and confidential service, operated by Remploy on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. The service is personalised and supports individuals with all mental health issues which are affecting their work including, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Support is personalised and can include six months of work focused mental health support, an opportunity to identify coping strategies and a tailored work plan detailing the steps needed to remain in, or return to work.

Robert Burke, Derrick’s Vocational Rehabilitation Coach said: “when I first met with Derrick I was aware of the underlying issues he was experiencing such as his stress, anxiety and depression. I asked him to complete the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, which unsurprisingly came back quite low.

However, five months after our first meeting I was keen to see how far he had come and asked him to complete it again, the results came back and we were both in shock as well as delight because Derrick’s scores had doubled! He has come on leaps and bounds, his hard work to get this far should not be underestimated.”

Derrick finally added: “I was always wishing for change and the key to the change was the depth of support I was receiving. It’s sometimes hard to put into words how grateful and thankful you can be to somebody but it’s given me such a boost, I am now living a much more happy and controlled life.”