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Danny sparkles one year on!

13 Mar 2017

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Danny Prior is celebrating his first anniversary in work after receiving support from Remploy Hamilton.

Danny was a joiner by trade and led a very active life, playing and coaching football regularly into his fifties. Then in 1998, he developed asthma due to the dusty conditions he worked in as a joiner. He was then diagnosed with diabetes and in addition needed surgery to have both his knee joints replaced.

A challenging eight years of unemployment followed and Danny’s self esteem plummeted. He became depressed and felt very unsure about what to do next after these life altering changes to his personal circumstances.

He was then referred to Remploy where using a range of techniques and activities – from team working and mock interviews to practising filling out job applications – Danny grew in confidence and also made friends with fellow job seekers. Within this environment, he flourished and was soon applying for jobs.

Thinking back to this, Danny said: “I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t been put in touch with Remploy. I was really down but working as part of a group to find jobs really lifted my spirits and it wasn’t long before I was back in work – now I feel my life has a purpose again.”

A year on, Danny is in the same job – working as part of the front of house team for City Facilities in Asda Hamilton. He is responsible for keeping the front of the store and the outdoor areas neat and presentable – and the fresh air helps him to manage his asthma. He takes a real pride in keeping the store clean and enjoys greeting the general public as part of his duties.

Danny’s boss, store cleaning manager Malcolm MacPhee, said: “Danny settled into the team really well and has never had a day off sick in the year he’s been here. We’ve taken on other candidates from Remploy and still keep very much in touch with the branch. Experience tells us Remploy candidates are motivated and very capable.” 

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