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Apprenticeships are a good way to learn while you earn

06 Mar 2019

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By Jamie Baillie, Communications Assistant, Remploy

After school I was unsure of where to turn. I had the qualifications to go to university but I was keen to earn some money while working through a qualification. 

I thought an apprenticeship would be a great option and when I saw that Remploy had a Digital Marketing course I was very keen to pursue this opportunity. The idea of earning valuable work experience while also earning money, and achieving a good qualification as a result, really appealed to me.

The first few months in my role was how I anticipated it would be, as I started to learn about the business and become more comfortable in the work I was doing. Once I became settled in my role, I was given a higher level of responsibility which was a great motivator as it showed people put their trust in me. 

I enjoyed completing the day-to-day duties alongside working through the modules in my apprenticeship. It was a challenge to balance work with the studying but I was given enough time and an immense amount of support from Remploy who encouraged me to always make my coursework a priority. 

I learnt a lot about myself when completing my apprenticeship with Remploy. This was essentially my first proper job and I have a role that involves a lot of deadlines,  so I have learnt the importance of organisational skills and timekeeping. 

To me, having an apprenticeship under my belt improves my working credentials and has given me transferable skills and a base to really kick my career off. I am looking forward to working my way up with Remploy and making a positive impact on the business.

School leavers are always under pressure, knowing which steps to take and what is right for them, so it can be quite a stressful time. An apprenticeship can be a good option and I loved the opportunity to earn money as well as gaining a qualification in something I enjoyed doing. 

I would certainly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is unsure about what to do in their future. It is a great way to learn important work experience and potentially work your way up through an organisation.

Remploy are giving me a great opportunity to take steps forward in my career and I’ve recently been taken on as a Communications Assistant on a permanent basis. I am excited to see what the future holds!

For more information go to Apprenticeships (England and Wales), or Apprenticeships (Scotland)