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Employee ownership

Employees of Remploy are also owners of Remploy.

Our model of employee ownership reflects the passion and commitment that employees of Remploy have towards our customers. It recognises those efforts by giving employees a significant say in the strategic direction of the business, and by giving rewards through sharing profits and the distribution of funds to mission-related causes.

Employees own twenty per cent of the business and eighty per cent is owned by MAXIMUS. Underpinning the shareholding are guarantees around Remploy’s mission, brand and shareholding allocations.

The employee stake is held via an Employee Benefit Trust. All salaried employees are members of the Trust which appoints two of its members to sit on the main Remploy Board.

The role of the Trust is to represent the voice of employees at a strategic level through its presence on the Board. The Trust is also responsible for deciding the allocation of profits which can be shared with employees as dividends, or allocated to disability-related causes nominated by employees.

Employee Ownership Association

Remploy is an active member of the Employee Ownership Association and in 2015 were named as winners of their ‘Rising Star of the Year’.

You can learn more about ownership in Remploy, including what we have achieved, how the Employee Benefit Trust operates and what the future holds for employee ownership in the EBT review - Employee Ownership in Remploy.