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Work Choice

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Please be aware that this programme is no longer available

The key principles for Work Choice are:

  • a greater focus on those who need specialist support;
  • less prescription and greater flexibility;
  • better links between elements of provision;
  • provision for all types of disability;
  • more opportunity for the customer to exercise choice and control;
  • a greater focus on job outcomes;
  • improved support for people in either employment or self employment;
  • improved progression to unsupported employment; and
  • a greater emphasis on achieving potential within longer-term supported employment. 

Summary of the Work Choice Programme

The Work Choice programme is designed as a four-stage, modular, specialist provision delivered by the operational teams. The four stages are:

  • Referral or Introduction;
  • Module One (Work Entry Support);
  • Module Two (Short to Medium Term In-Work Support); and
  • Module Three (Longer Term In-Work Support).

Types of Customers Supported by Work Choice

Participation in Work Choice is voluntary. All candidates for Work Choice must be eligible and suitable for the programme.

To be eligible they must be

  • of working age , and
  • resident in the UK , and
  • disabled as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

Suitable candidates for Work Choice:

  • experience complex work-related support needs arising primarily from disability; AND
  • have requirements in work which cannot immediately be overcome through workplace adjustments which are required under the Equality Act 2010 and/or by Access to Work support; AND
  • need support in work as well as help with finding work; AND
  • cannot be helped through other DWP programmes; AND
  • following Module One, expect to able to work for a minimum of 16 hours per week.