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Employer support

At Remploy we recognise that in any organisation, including our own, people are our greatest asset.

By ‘putting ability first’, we recognise the skills and capabilities of disabled people and the challenges that they face in the workplace. We will work with your organisation to create the conditions for success that will allow your people to flourish.

Our services to support employers cover all aspects of recruitment and retention, including:


The need to attract, retain and develop an inclusive workforce that reflects the communities you serve has never been so important. Recognising the barriers that exist for disabled people in the workplace, and the simple adjustments that can be made can make a huge difference.


Both the physical and cultural environment that exists can impact on any individual’s ability to perform in the workplace. Being able to support the needs of all employees effortlessly can help to create a more engaged, loyal workforce.

Leadership and management

To resonate across an organisation and be sustainable, positive change needs to be embedded at every level. The very best organisations recognise this and invest to develop skilled, confident leaders, supported through strong executive sponsorship, clear policies and strategy.

Mental health and wellbeing

One in six people will experience a challenge around mental health in their working life. Remploy has the expertise and experience to help protect and improve your mental wellbeing and that of your colleagues.

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