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Education and Training Foundation disability awareness programme

We are working with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to help practitioners, managers and employers within the Further Education (FE) sector, increase their awareness and meet the needs of learners with dyslexia, autism and hearing impairments.

About the programme

This programme is part of the ETF's ongoing Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) programme. Research undertaken to assess the professional developmental needs of practitioners and managers, highlighted the need for more information and greater capacity to support learners with specific challenges to succeed.

Through a series of one day workshops, each focusing on a specific topic; dyslexia, autism, or hearing impairments, we aim to provide practitioners and managers with the knowledge and confidence to adapt communication, teaching strategies and environments, to enable learners to achieve their full potential.

Who are the courses for?

The course is designed for all staff working in the FE sector, including employers working with young people transitioning from education into work. 

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our courses, why not sign up for one of our free online taster sessions. These sessions will provide an insight into dyslexia, autism and hearing impairments and the impact they have on learning, as well as introduce the full day workshops, other resources and support available to FE professionals and employers.

Or you can read more here.