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Access to Work Mental Health Support Service

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This confidential service delivered by Remploy funded by the Department for Work and Pensions is available at no charge to any employees with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issues affecting their work.

Our specialist advisers provide:

  • Tailored work-focused mental health support for nine months
  • Suitable coping strategies
  • A support plan to keep them in, or return to work
  • Ideas for workplace adjustments to help them fulfil their role
  • Practical advice to support those with a mental health condition
  • So far, we have supported thousands of people across Britain, with a 93 per cent success rate of people retaining their employment after six months.

You can call us on 0300 456 8114 or chat with us online using the purple chat button on this page, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Alternatively, email us using the link below:

Click here to email the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service team 

Please note
To be eligible for this service, individuals need to be in permanent or temporary employment and have a mental health condition (diagnosed or undiagnosed) that has resulted in workplace absence or is causing difficulties to remain in work.

Find out how people have benefited from using this service

Read about how the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service helped Greg McGahan keep his job, or watch the video below about how the service helped Chris Reed.

You can also download our service leaflets:


The following customers used the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service, a confidential service available to anyone with mental health problems that are threatening their job, delivered by Remploy funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

I have worked with Rod for six months and I have asked him to work with me again because I am on a review at work.

Rod is considerate, professional and kind. He has kept all our appointments and has outlined what support he can provide at each step.

This job has been my first job for 20 years, it has taken a while to build up my skills and confidence.

Rod has encouraged and advised me on issues in the workplace and how to overcome them, he also provided an online course about self-esteem, which has been very beneficial.

He has listened with empathy and kindness. Rod obviously cares about his clients and his work and I have found his support invaluable as I stepped back into work.”


I was referred to Remploy after a car accident in 2014 left me with support needs.

I am grateful as it’s been overwhelming and distressing knowing that I can’t function the same way I did before the accident. However, knowing I have Remploy to support me gives me confidence and helps me to feel protected when making a request for reasonable adjustments.

Knowing that I can contact my support worker who will reassure and advise me, and advocate on my behalf with my employers, has really helped me manage my anxiety about retaining my position and staying in work.

They have also helped me understand and accept my physical and invisible disabilities. I feel lucky and relieved that I was referred to Remploy. I appreciate the support very much and would recommend colleagues should their needs arise.”


I’m deeply indebted to Duncan for all his help and support during my depression, from initial ‘meltdown’ to successful post-Asperger’s diagnosis and phased return to work. It’s been a long, up-and-down journey, where I‘ve been blindsided by more than a few unforeseen factors delaying my recovery but Duncan’s been right there for me.

Particularly significant was Duncan accompanying me and my wife to my Asperger’s assessment – his input there was invaluable from a workplace perspective. My colleagues, immediate line manager and senior management have also all been very impressed with the help, support and guidance Duncan’s given us.

Too often the terms ‘great guy’ and ‘genuine bloke’ can be used to describe someone, but with Duncan such labels truly fit. He is, as they say, ‘a credit to the profession’. You have a real asset with him!”


If your employees would like advice and guidance on their mental health condition, our ‘Support with your mental health’ page’ for individuals provides more information on the support we offer.

If you have an apprentice with a mental health condition, visit ourAccess to Work Mental Health Support Service for Apprentices page for individuals which provides more information about the service we offer.