Website statistics: 2016 | Remploy

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Statistics overview

Reliable performance is important in order to encourage and maintain the usage of quality web-based services. Our aim is to have the Remploy website available for use at all times throughout the year.

This is not always possible due to essential maintenance, but we are committed to keeping our site available and online as consistently as we can.

Month Pages viewed Unique visitors
January 522075 25135
February 545875 27407
March 566829 28628
April 489940 26734
May 467861 26202
June 504362 27532
July 478550 24878
August 438482 25492
September 464129 29464
October 501736 31366
November 566016 33618
December 495511 28491

Statistics explained

Pages viewed: This figure represents the total number of pages requested from the web site. If a visitor visits a page more than once during the same session or in the relevant period, it is re-counted.

Unique visitors: This figure represents the number of unique visitors during the relevant period. This means that any visitor who has already been to the site during this period is not counted again.

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