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Published Thursday, 4th February 2016

A partnership between a Warrington-based care village and a specialist employment services provider will create more jobs for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions in the North West

Picture of four people smiling in front of sign saying Welcome to Belong

The new initiative between care operator Belong and Remploy, which provides support for people who face complex barriers to employment, is already paying dividends with jobs for local people. Belong operates care villages throughout the region, including BelongWarrington on Loushers Lane, where ten disabled people supported by Remploy have got jobs supporting the village’s 70 residents.

Phil Orton, Head of People at Belong, said of the partnership: “We operate a unique model of care and we’re always looking for the right people to help us deliver a broad range of services to our residents. Remploy has given us access to people who are both motivated and committed, and highly suitable for the jobs we offer. The fact that some of our new employees have disabilities or health conditions is irrelevant – each one has proved they are capable of contributing to the lives of our residents and to our organisation.”

As part of the agreement, Remploy has delivered a two-week course designed to offer disabled jobseekers a detailed insight into the demands of the care sector, including working with people with dementia and assisting them with their day-to-day needs and activities.

Carl Bashford, aged 28 from Warrington is one of the first to have completed the training. Carl, who is partially sighted and has been unemployed for four years, said: “I’ve tried very, very hard to get a job but it’s been an uphill struggle. I want to work and so really value this opportunity. Remploy’s course gave me an insight into caring and I was able to approach my job interview knowing what would be expected of me. I was successful and I’ve just joined Belong as a host, where my role is to help residents maintain independence and support them as they prepare meals.”

Alongside Carl is Belong host Jessica Barker, 21, from Orford. “My dyslexia and inability to stay focused because of my ADHD meant that, for the past two years, I was unable to get a job. I have really struggled with filling in application forms, so knowing that Remploy understood my problems was a real help. Now, I’m really enjoying having a job that’s very hands-on and practical – I’m good at that and it’s something I can do. Making a difference to other peoples’ lives is really making a difference to mine.”

Remploy’s business development manager Rob Knowles, who helped establish the partnership with Belong added, “We work with a number of progressive companies, managed by people willing to look beyond disability and see the greater value that a diverse workforce can bring. Throughout our discussions, Phil and his team expressed a desire to employ local people, with disabilities or otherwise, and this gave us the confidence to work with training providers to establish our care course. The result is that ten people who have faced challenges in gaining employment now have fantastic jobs, and we’re already supporting the next group of candidates as they consider careers in care.”


Photo caption:

Robert Knowles from Remploy, new recruits Jessica and Carl, and Head of People at Belong Phil Orton.

For further information, please contact:

Tim Crowther, Crowther Communications Ltd


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Remploy Notes to Editors:

  1. Remploy was established 70 years ago to provide training and employment after the Second World War for injured and disabled ex-servicemen and miners.
  2. Since 2010, Remploy has found almost 100,000 jobs in mainstream employment for people with a range of physical, sensory and learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other disadvantages.
  3. Remploy works with more than 2,500 employer partners including Marks and Spencer, BT, ASDA, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s and the NHS.
  4. Remploy has an increasing focus on providing specialist disability employment services to people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities.
  5. Remploy invests in developing innovating approaches and services for employers which are cost effective and business efficient, including consultancy and vocational rehabilitation services.
  6. In April 2015 Remploy left government ownership in a joint venture between MAXIMUS, a leading operator of government health and human service programmes in the United Satets, UK, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia, and Remploy employees who have a 30% stake in the company.