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Published Monday, 19th January 2015

Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services, celebrates the successful launch of its Welsh business arm, Remploy Cymru.

Remploy Cymru launches with a promise of more help for disabled people

Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services, is celebrating the successful launch of its Welsh business arm, Remploy Cymru.

Designed to deliver services to meet the unique challenges that disabled and disadvantaged people face in Wales, Remploy Cymru will build on Remploy’s heritage of helping people fulfil their potential and transforming lives through sustainable employment.

Only 38 per cent of working age disabled people are employed in Wales compared to 46 per cent in the UK. There are also higher levels of people with mental health issues in Wales compared to the UK as a whole; there are more so-called Neets (young people not in education, employment or training); and poor transport links contribute to the challenges facing disabled and disadvantaged job seekers.

Speaking at the launch of Remploy Cymru at an event in the Welsh Assembly building in Cardiff, Mark Isherwood AM, urged organisations to work together to tackle barriers to employment and to embrace diversity and equality in the workplace.

He said: “Remploy rightly believes that employment is the most effective route out of poverty and towards social inclusion for many disabled people in Wales. Having a dedicated business operation in Wales will help Remploy Cymru to achieve its ambition to help even more disabled and disadvantaged people move into employment.”

Remploy Cymru has 17 branches and 21 outreach offices, providing access to specialist employment services across Wales. In addition, iRemploy, the organisation’s online service means that most people in Wales will be able to access specialist employment support.

"Remploy Cymru will reflect the values, culture and challenges of the Welsh communities that we serve. Our team in Wales will be able to respond to the needs of our Welsh customers and partners,” said Beth Carruthers, Remploy’s chief executive.

Sian Morgan, Remploy’s business development director in Wales, added: “In the last five years we have helped more than 11,000 disabled and disadvantaged people into work in Wales.

“Remploy Cymru will provide a service tailored to the needs of people in Wales. We will engage with communities and local organisations to bridge the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people, which currently stands at more than 40 per cent."


Picture caption: Sian Morgan, Remploy’s business development director, Wales at the launch of Remploy Cymru

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Notes to Editors:

  • In the last five years Remploy has found more than 80,000 jobs in mainstream employment for people with a range of physical, sensory and mental disabilities and other disadvantages.
  • Remploy partners with more than 2,500 of the country’s biggest employers including Marks & Spencer, BT, ASDA, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s and the NHS
  • Remploy has an increasing focus on providing specialist disability employment services to people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities
  • It has a successful specialist service which supports ex-service personnel who have left the forces with disabilities or health conditions
  • It continues to invest in developing innovative approaches and services for employers which are cost effective and business efficient including consultancy and a vocational rehabilitation service
  • In July the Department for Work and Pensions launched a commercial process under which Remploy Employment Services would leave government ownership by March 2015
  • This creates an exciting opportunity for a partner or investor to help develop Remploy to its full potential, enabling it to support many more disabled people into work
  • The Government envisages that the commercial process will create a Joint Venture between a partner or investor and Remploy Employment Services staff operating as a social business in the private sector