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Published Wednesday, 24th April 2013

Hull’s latest Subway sandwich store at the Paragon Interchange, which recently opened for business, now has a full complement of staff thanks to a recruitment partnership with Remploy.

Hull’s latest Subway sandwich store at the Paragon Interchange, which recently opened for business, now has a full complement of staff thanks to a recruitment partnership with Remploy. 

Remploy’s branch in Hull city centre provides specialist employment services for people with disabilities and health conditions and – as part of the Government’s Work Programme – also partners with G4S to support 3000 long-term unemployed people back in to work.

As the new Subway prepared to open its doors for the first time, Remploy employment advisors worked with store manager Paul Clayton to ensure he had a selection of motivated and job-ready candidates to choose from. The result is that nine people from Hull, who faced complex barriers to employment, are amongst the 14 people at the store now creating tasty sandwiches for hungry commuters at the busy bus and rail interchange.

The nine new Remploy recruits include Natalie Gill from Bilton Grange. The 19-year-old found it difficult persuading employers to give her an opportunity. She has dyslexia and believes this is the reason why, despite applying for hundreds of jobs over the past two years, she was never invited for interview.

"I do have experience, and I have spent my time at college getting catering qualifications and then volunteering, but I found this still counted for nothing," she said. "My local Jobcentre Plus referred me to Remploy for special support and they helped me in all sorts of ways. They ensured I was fully prepared for work by suggesting improvements to my CV and helping me practice job interviews. Most of all, they boosted my confidence, which had really taken a knock."

Claire Campbell, 27 and also from Bilton Grange, has depression, which resulted in seven years’ unemployment. During this time she cared for her young family, but needed a job so that she could pay her bills and start to rebuild her life.

"Like Natalie, I applied for countless jobs, but the continual rejection sent me into a downward spiral. I needed a way to break out of this, and Remploy provided the answer by helping me get this job. Working at Subway, I have already made new friends and learned new skills and I now have a purpose."

Melissa Blackburn from Springbank West was involved in a workplace accident that left her deaf in one ear. She had little choice but to resign and, still in her early twenties, her life was turned upside down.

"I spent a year trying to find something else but because of my hearing disability I lost all my confidence," she said. "Remploy understood the challenges I faced but they also helped me recognise I had skills that would be valued by employers. My boss, Paul, is far more interested in what I can do rather than what I can’t, and with his support and the busy environment in our store, I am laying aside the past and concentrating on my future."

"Remploy was a tremendous help in ensuring we could trade on our first day," added Paul. "This is a new business and we needed people to work here who would quickly adapt to new ways of working. Remploy selected those candidates it thought most suitable for our vacancies and this alone saved us a great deal of time. They also continue to support our new recruits to ensure any issues, of which there have been very few, are dealt with quickly and don’t present barriers. Disability is not an issue here – all our team members play an important role in the running of this business. As a result customers are returning each day, and that keeps us all happy!"


Picture caption: Six of the nine new recruits from Remploy now working at Subway’s new sandwich store at Hull’s Paragon Interchange. Left to right: Natalie Gill, Thomas Gibbons, Debbie Phillips, Claire Campbell, Tyrone Hinchcliffe and Melissa Blackburn.

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Notes to editors:
  • In the last two years Remploy Employment Services has found more than 35,000 jobs in mainstream employment for people with a range of physical, sensory and mental disabilities and other disadvantages.
  • Remploy is driven by the fundamental belief that every disabled person can, with appropriate support and specialist advice, secure sustainable employment
  • Employment Services has an increasing focus on providing specialist disability employment services to people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities
  • It continues to invest in developing innovative approaches and services for employers which are cost effective and business efficient including consultancy and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Remploy ES partners with more than 2,500 of the country’s biggest employers including BT, ASDA, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s, the NHS and Marks & Spencer
  • It operates a national network of more than 60 town and city centre recruitment branches and offices providing specialist recruitment and development services to job seekers.