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Published Friday, 9th May 2014

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (12-18 May), Amanda McBurney from Remploy explains why it is vital that people with mental health conditions are helped to stay in work.

The Highways Agency – which looks after England’s network of motorways and major A roads - recognised that mental health related illness was the main cause of absence across the organisation. This was in spite of the range of support already available, including occupational health provision, an Employee Assistance Programme and a stress toolkit.

Remploy already had a close partnership with the Highways Agency and had helped some of the organisation's staff through the Workplace Mental Health Support Service. So, when the Agency identified the need to develop a bespoke training package, Remploy successfully bid for the work, which would help equip managers with the tools to understand mental wellbeing and to address mental illness.

The programme proved hugely successful, delivering 14 half-day sessions earlier this year to more than 120 managers who are now putting their learning into practice. Managers who attended the training felt their ability to support mental wellbeing was much improved, with average scores of at least 4.1 out of 5 with the majority of responses averaging 4.3 or more. The average score for recommending the course to others was 4.5 out of 5, with 58 per cent scoring a maximum 5.  

The annual cost to UK employers of mental ill health at work is thought to be £26 billion, or £1,035 per employee 

Notes for Editors :
  • Remploy is driven by the fundamental belief that every disabled person can, with appropriate support and specialist advice, secure sustainable employment 
  • Remploy has an increasing focus on providing specialist disability employment services to people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities
  • It continues to invest in developing innovative approaches and services for employers which are cost effective and business efficient including consultancy and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Remploy partners with more than 2,500 ofthe country's biggest employers including BT, Asda, Royal Mail, Sainsbury's, the NHS and Marks & Spencer