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Published Tuesday, 28th February 2017

Edward Sulman from Swansea has become the 5,000th disabled person in Wales to be supported into a job by Remploy Cymru through the UK Government’s Work Choice programme.

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Edward Sulman from Swansea has become the 5,000th disabled person in Wales to be supported into a job by Remploy Cymru through the UK Government’s Work Choice programme for people with more severe disabilities and health conditions.

Edward, aged 44, used to work as a chef but now needs a mobility scooter to help him get around, after a glass injury caused an infection which led to the amputation of his right leg below the knee. 

“Life took a dramatic turn for me and suddenly I was thrust into a situation I didn’t expect to be in,” said Edward, who suffers constant pain. “I was keen to get back into work but found it a struggle, as it was a long time since I’d had an interview for a job. The support and knowledge I got from Remploy Cymru really helped me to move on at a particularly challenging time in my life.”

Edward who has been married to his wife Enid for 20 years was was put on a programme with Admiral Recruitment to equip him with all the necessary tools to get back into work. The mentoring programme offers the opportunity to improve employment skills such as application and interview techniques, as well as offering candidates the chance to engage in mock interviews with experienced recruitment staff. 

Edward is one of more than 435,000 people in Wales with a disability as defined by the Equality Act. He’s hoping to be fitted with a new hi-tech prosthetic leg this year making it easier for him to get around. He said: “My main aim is to be able to walk again but at the moment I am just talking every day as it comes. I was keen to get back into work which I have achieved, so now I am looking forward to my career with Admiral!”

Only 45 per cent of working age disabled people are in employment in Wales compared to 49 per cent in the UK* and there are also higher levels of people with mental health issues in Wales compared to the UK as a whole. 

Helen Northmore, Business Development Director for Wales said: “The disability employment gap in Wales is slowly reducing, but we’re making a real difference through partnerships with the Welsh Government, Jobcentre Plus, local authorities, disability organisations, education providers and community groups. More than 18,000 disabled people have been supported into work by Remploy Cymru since 2010 and we’re working closely within communities to provide employment opportunities for disabled people and improve social inclusion.” 

To find your nearest branch of Remploy Cymru please go to the Remploy website: www.remploy.co.uk 


 *According to the latest Annual Population Survey data for the period Oct 15-Sept 16
For further information and interview requests, please contact:
Amanda Craike 07500 226193 Amanda.craike@remploy.co.uk or pressoffice@remploy.co.uk www.remploy.co.uk
Notes to Editors:

  • More than 18,000 disabled people have been supported into work by Remploy Cymru since 2010.
  • Remploy Cymru has a network of 16 offices and branches across Wales and 25 outreach service areas, providing access to specialist employment services across Wales. In addition, iRemploy, the organisation’s online service means that most people in Wales will be able to access specialist employment support. 
  • Work Choice, is a Government funded programme supporting people with disabilities and health conditions into employment. Remploy Ltd began commercial delivery of the Work Choice programme from 7th April 2015.
  • Remploy recently secured a place on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Umbrella framework for the provision of disability employment services in Wales.
  • Remploy was established 70 years ago to provide training and employment after the Second World War for injured and disabled ex-servicemen and miners.
  • Since 2010, Remploy has found more than 100,000 jobs in mainstream employment for people with a range of physical, sensory and learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other disadvantages.
  • Remploy works with more than 2,500 employer partners including Marks & Spencer, TC Facilities Management, BT, Mitie, ASDA, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s and the NHS.
  • Remploy operates a free Workplace Mental Health Support Service to help maintain in employment people with stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.
  • Remploy invests in developing innovative services for employers which are cost effective and business efficient including consultancy and a vocational rehabilitation service.
  • In March 2015, Remploy entered into a joint venture with MAXIMUS, a leading operator of government health and human services programmes in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia and on 7th April 2015 Remploy left government ownership in the joint venture in which Remploy employees have a 30% stake.