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Published Thursday, 5th January 2017

Remploy, the UK’s leading experts in disability employment, is reminding people that support is available for those looking for employment in 2017

In Work Support Advisor,
Batul Hassan, In Work Support Advisor at the Edinburgh Remploy branch

The start of the new calendar year is often seen as a good opportunity to make a life change and Remploy, the UK’s leading experts in disability employment, is reminding people that support is available for those looking for employment in 2017.

Remploy has been providing employment support to people with a disability for more than 70 years.They provide tailored employment support to individuals with access to mentoring schemes and training to help people improve their skills and employment prospects. Remploy also offer support for employers on a range of issues from making job interviews accessible to enhancing the work environment, or supporting people with a mental health condition. 

Gareth Parry, Chief Executive of Remploy said: “The start of the New Year can be a time when people want to make changes in their life, tackle challenges and improve their circumstances. Finding a job you enjoy can make a positive impact, giving people financial independence, better social skills and improved self-esteem. Remploy can offer support to disabled people and those with a health condition looking to start this journey. If they want to change their employment prospects in 2017 then I would encourage them to get in touch and talk to our advisors.”

48 year old single mum of two, Batul Hassan from Edinburgh, made a career change last year after being referred to Remploy as a candidate and this New Year she will be celebrating her second promotion within a year, to a role as an In Work Support Advisor with Remploy.

Batul has dyslexia, dyspraxia and a hearing impairment as well as anxiety and depression. She said: ““The team at Remploy Edinburgh have been very understanding with my dyslexia and have helped me to push my boundaries and do things out of my comfort zone. I’m now in a job where I am recognised for my abilities and where I have a voice.”

Batul added: “My biggest passion in life is helping others and I feel that I can offer a great level of support and insight to my candidates as I have been in their position. I want my candidates to realise that I am really just like them and to feel comfortable speaking to me. The advice that I give anyone who comes to see me, is that the more they open up to me, the more I will be able to support their journey with Remploy. I am so lucky that Remploy gave me this career opportunity, I love coming to work now, I jump out of bed in the morning. I can’t find the words to accurately describe what Remploy have done for me but, I can say that they have totally transformed my life.”