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Please note that Ability Profiler is only availble if you are on one of the Remploy contracts and supported by our advisors. 

How do you know your skills?

Do you want to know how you can match your skills to a job? Perhaps you need help to identify what your strengths and challenges are and how you can use this knowledge to help you find work.

You might be struggling to identify the right kind of job for you and what adjustments would work for you in the workplace?

Or are you struggling to see how you can find work that is right for you and suitable for your disability or health condition.

If you have answered yes to any of these then Ability Profiler can help.

What is Ability Profiler 

Ability Profiler is a tool designed to help you identify your key strengths and challenges. It can match your skills to the right kind of jobs for you and recommend reasonable adjustments that will make doing your job easier.

By answering a series of questions and completing some basic assessments, Ability Profiler will produce a personal report that highlights your skills and makes appropriate suggestions for the right job for you and what support you may need in the workplace. Ability Profiler will help you to identify areas where you may need additional support and advice and will provide this through a series of short videos.

Ask for a username and password

If you would like to take advantage of Ability Profiler or just find out more, contact one of our online advisors. They will be able to create a log in for you and can even guide you through the process and talk you through the recommendations made in your report.