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Four celebrate jobs success at Tesco

“Remploy is very important to Tesco. It doesn’t matter if a person is disabled; it’s their ability that is important.”

Four disabled jobseekers from Suffolk are celebrating having a job thanks to a partnership between Tesco and Remploy. Christopher Brett, 59, Ricardo Jackson, 22, Alastair Milbank, 26, and Michael Russell, 44, are working at the Tesco Superstore in Bury St Edmunds after enduring lengthy periods of unemployment.

All four were referred by Jobcentre Plus to Remploy, where they received specialist support with their job searching, including help creating a new CV and advice on interview techniques. And when vacancies arose at Tesco, they were selected for a work trial and eventually all offered jobs. Christopher, from Bury St Edmunds, has a hearing impairment and other health conditions. He said: “The work trial went well and it was such a relief when I was told I had got the job. I can’t thank Remploy enough for the help they gave me. They were on my side and got me back to work.”

Ricardo, also from Bury St Edmunds, has dyslexia. He struggled to find work after leaving college but is now enjoying his first job. “It’s great working here,” he said. “I hated not having a job, particularly as all my friends were working.” Alastair, from Great Henny near Sudbury and Michael who lives in Newmarket, are also enjoying the benefits that come with having a job. “I like it best when it’s busy,” said Alastair who has Asperger’s Syndrome. “I was overjoyed to get this job. Remploy were very helpful. The help they gave me took me out of the shadows and into the limelight.” Michael, who has a learning disability, had to give up his job of 18 years when he moved with his family from Hertfordshire. “I was living in a new town with no friends and on top of that I didn’t have a job or any money of my own. It was terrible. But Maureen Horan, my employment advisor at Remploy helped me fill out application forms and got me the work trial at Tesco. I was very nervous at first but I soon settled in. Now, I’ve got a permanent job, money and some new friends.”

“Work trials offer candidates who might struggle in a formal interview to show they have the skills and ability to do a job,” said Ian Kearsley, a Remploy In-Work Support advisor in East Anglia. “We knew Christopher, Ricardo, Alastair and Michael all had the qualities that Tesco look for in its employees. Thankfully, because of the close relationship Remploy has with Tesco, we were able to arrange a work trial that allowed them to get a foot in the door.”

Siobhan Staniland, Tesco’s HR manager at the Bury St Edmunds store added: “We are delighted to welcome four new colleagues to the team at Bury St Edmunds. The partnership with Remploy is very important to Tesco. I know that Remploy candidates will always be well prepared and enthusiastic. It doesn’t matter if a person is disabled. It’s their ability that is important.”

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