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Remploy and Mitie sign partnership

“I am pleased that Mitie is partnering with the UK’s premier specialist in disability employment”

Remploy has signed a new partnership with Mitie that aims to almost treble the number of disabled and disadvantaged candidates recruited by the outsourcing and facilities Management Company over the next three years.

Mitie says it wants to recruit 150 Remploy candidates in 2014-15 and expects that number to jump to 400 in 2016-17. To achieve the ambitious target it will work closely with Remploy, ring fencing vacancies, providing work experience opportunities and sharing information.

Remploy account managers and Mitie hiring managers will agree front line recruitment processes and Remploy will undertake crucial pre-employment development of candidates to ensure they understand the high standards Mitie expects of its employees.

Beth Carruthers, Remploy’s chief executive said: “This is an exciting and significant milestone for our relationship. Mitie is a very important employer for Remploy to be working with and I look forward to seeing the relationship help us in our mission to improve the lives of many people living with disabilities and health conditions.”

Karen Govier, Mitie’s head of Inclusion and Diversity added: “I am pleased that Mitie is partnering with the UK’s premier specialist in disability employment. I am keen to inspire our hiring managers and HR business partners across the company to consider Remploy as one of their leading recruitment routes wherever possible “This development underpins Mitie’s position as an inclusive organisation which recognises its people as its most important asset.”

The partnership will see Remploy provide Mitie with a one-stop-shop for its recruitment needs, working, where necessary, with other employment providers to meet the company’s recruitment needs.

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