Supporting carers and reducing staff turnover | Ludlow Street Healthcare case study | Remploy

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Supporting carers and reducing staff turnover

Ludlow Street Healthcare"Remploy’s support has been extremely beneficial, enabling us to retain 95% of the employees referred for help.”

Lorraine Miranda, Human Resources Manager, Ludlow Street Healthcare

Established in 2005, Ludlow Street Healthcare is an innovative, rapidly expanding organisation that provides specialist care, education and treatment services for individuals with complex and enduring mental health issues, personality disorders or other specialist care needs. For the past two years it has relied on a range of specialist services from Remploy to support its existing staff in their physically and psychologically demanding jobs.

Traditionally, carers have a high attrition rate as the nature of the job means they frequently encounter upsetting situations and can even be attacked by the service users they are trying to help. Acting on a recommendation, two years ago Ludlow Street Healthcare contracted Remploy’s In-Work Retention Services to give its staff access to counselling sessions and physiotherapy treatment to help them cope with their fulfilling but challenging roles. The support provided by Remploy has had a dramatic effect with staff turnover falling from 26% to 17% in the space of a year.

The wide range of services offered was a key factor in the decision to choose Remploy as its partner. Lorraine Miranda, Human Resources Manager for Ludlow Street Healthcare, explains, “We support customers with high levels of care needs such as autistic spectrum condition and learning disabilities. The environment we work in is very stressful and can have a huge impact on an employee, both at work and in their home life. If a member of staff needs support or an intervention this is something that cannot be delayed.”

She reports, “Remploy’s counselling service has had fantastic results – we have retained 95% of the employees we referred, many of which were very complex cases. We had previously worked with another provider but found that they weren’t as suited to our business and our needs.”

To date, Remploy has helped 42 Ludlow Street Healthcare employees to surmount problems and stay in their jobs. As employees feel well supported, the company is seeing better customer service, improved teamwork and morale.

“The service has been phenomenal and we have a fantastic relationship with the team. They are very passionate about what they do and how they support their customers,”

“Remploy’s experience and expertise is very important to us. Without this service our employees would have been waiting for months for support via the NHS meaning we would be unlikely to retain them. I can’t thank Remploy enough.”

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