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Relying on Remploy for committed candidates

Bluebird care case study"Remploy’s service saves me an awful lot of time as the screening procedure is so thorough 99% of the interviews result in us taking the candidate on.”

Debbie Severns, Care Manager, Bluebird Care (Wirral)

Remploy has been working with Bluebird Care, the country’s fastest-growing care at home provider, for three years during which time it has supported several people into work as invaluable domiciliary carers. Through its 200 offices in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Bluebird Care provides personalised care visits ranging from 30 minutes to full live-in support to over 9,500 customers every day.  The company’s commitment to ‘good old-fashioned service’ means it places great emphasis on recruiting high quality carers to look after its customers in their own homes as an alternative to residential care.

It relies heavily on Remploy’s recruitment and retention service to find the right individuals to work as carers and uphold its high standards.  Debbie Severns, Manager for Bluebird Care (Wirral), remarks, “With Remploy candidates it’s not just about the pay cheque.  They actually want to work so have huge commitment to the job.  Because they are disabled in some way themselves they seem to have that extra degree of empathy so they can relate better to the people they’re looking after.  Who better to have as carers?”

“Remploy candidates seem to have that extra degree of empathy with our customers.  Who better to have as carers?”
Staff turnover figures support Debbie Severns’ anecdotal evidence.  Remploy candidates tend to stay in the job longer compared with Bluebird Care’s recruits from other sources.   This is no doubt due in part to the thorough preparation they undergo before even turning up for interview.  Remploy candidates come well-briefed, DBS checked and job-ready, which results in a speedy and hassle-free recruitment process.  This has given Bluebird Care the ability to increase staffing levels quickly enabling the firm to expand rapidly.

“Remploy’s screening procedure is so thorough 99% of the interviews result in us taking the candidate on, which saves me an awful lot of time,” says Debbie Severns.  “We’ve got such a close working relationship that Remploy knows exactly the type of people we’re looking for and invests time ensuring they have a sound understanding of what the role entails.  That’s important to me because we don’t want people who are just looking for any old job and it saves me time interviewing people who are unsuitable for the position.”

Of the twelve individuals Remploy has placed in the past two years, four are still with the company and one has progressed through the ranks to become Training Manager.  Once Remploy has matched Bluebird Care with good people, it gives the company tailored support to help keep them, a service Debbie Severns finds reassuring.  “Remploy’s advisers are very knowledgeable about the services available.  So far I’ve not needed to call on Remploy’s help but it’s good to know the advice and support is there should I ever need it.”

As part of its commitment to providing a high quality service Bluebird Care formally reviews customer satisfaction every six months but gets a constant stream of feedback and thanks from grateful families praising the service received by their relatives.  Debbie says, “It’s very important to me to keep lines of communication open with our customers’ families and it makes my day when they tell me how wonderful our carers are.  They just can’t find enough good things to say!”

For Bluebird Care, employing disabled people doesn’t only make good business sense but also feels like the right thing to do.  Debbie Severns explains, “Disability shouldn’t be a barrier to work – people with disabilities deserve as much of a chance in life as everyone else.  We look at what we can do to support that individual as with Remploy’s help there’s always a way round it.  And once the Remploy candidates have started they’re just the same as everyone else and you forget where they came from.”

Bluebird Care is so impressed with the calibre of candidates and excellent service the company receives it recently recommended Remploy to a competitor!  Debbie Severns values the partnership that has developed over the years. “I can’t speak highly enough of the candidates they send through and the relationship we have with the team in the Remploy office who we’ve worked with for years.  They work hard on our behalf and there’s real continuity of service.  In fact, the only downside is our requirement for drivers with their own car means we don’t get enough people from Remploy!”

Looking to the future, Debbie Severns says, “I’m sure the great relationship we have will go from strength to strength and Bluebird Care will be able to rely on Remploy for additional staff as and when we need them for a long time to come.

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