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Specialist employability support - SES programme


From 1st September 2015, we will provide nationwide specialist employability support to unemployed disabled adults with complex or multiple barriers preventing them from finding work.

Following a referral from Job Centre Plus, we will meet with disabled candidates and go through a series of profiling, induction and development sessions to prepare them for a new job. Once they are in work, further services are put in place to support, sustain and progress their career. Additional support is delivered through a network of expert partners - see below.

How to find out more

Complete our enquiry form for further details. 

How support is delivered

Once referred, candidates will be assigned a dedicated specialist coach based on their individual needs. This single and consistent point of contact will offer support throughout the Remploy journey. They will help identify the most suitable route of support:

SES Start Back is for people with a small number of barriers to employment who currently feel unable to work. After receiving our specialist support over a three month period they could be ready to move into work or another provision. Download our Candidate Start Back leaflet.

SES Main Provision is for people who have multiple and more complex barriers to employment and require a longer journey of support lasting up to 12 months. Download our Candidate Main Provision leaflet.

The two routes look like this:

Customer journey for SES Main Provision:

Customer journey for SES main provision

Customer journey for SES Start Back:

Candidate journey SES start back


The best support from our expert partners

Not only will disabled candidates benefit from a tailored programme with us, we can call upon a number of leading organisations to deliver support around specific needs. Our expert partners include: