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Remploy is working in partnership with Mencap, to support people with learning disabilities to find and remain in work, as well as helping employers to open up their recruitment policies to people with learning disabilities.

Mencap helps us to understand the support people with learning disabilities need in work and in every area of life. We believe that work is they key to social inclusion, better health and a better quality of life.

Through initiatives such as Learning Disability Work Experience Week, Supported Internships and the evidence-based supported employment model, we have a strong track record of supporting people with learning disabilities into mainstream employment.

People with learning disabilities often excel at roles which are complex and systematic, with an element of repetition. With quality support from our trained job coaches, we are able to match people with learning disabilities to jobs which suit their skills and aspirations.

Click here to read some examples of how Remploy have supported candidates with learning disabilities into work.