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School and college leavers

Leaving school or college and having find a job can seem daunting. But don’t worry, we're here to help.

We know the problems that you face when looking for work. Especially when it comes to a lack of on-the-job experience.

We’ll help you find those skills

Chances are you already have skills and experiences that you’ve gained through your studies and personal life. These could easily be transferred to your chosen job. We’ll help you highlight those skills so employers see you as a real asset to their company.


These are another great way to gain practical, hands-on experience while you study and earn money. If an apprenticeship sounds right for you, we can help you to find one and work with training providers and employers to help you build your studies around work. We can also help with any special requirements you need to succeed.


Getting your first foot on the career ladder can be tough. However, it isn’t impossible.

We know the challenges that many disabled graduates face when looking for work and we can help you overcome them.

Our online advisors will help you showcase your academic and personal skills, so employers can’t fail to see your worth. And we’ll help you to disclose your disability to employers in just the right way so it will never be an issue.