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We've been around a while

Not familiar with Remploy? Then you might be surprised to learn that we have been providing jobs and support for disabled people for seventy years. Since 2010, we are proud to have supported over 100,000 disabled and disadvantaged people into work.

Remploy started on April 7 1945 as the Disabled Persons Employment Corporation. However, that name quickly changed in 1946 to Remploy – from the term re-employ. See how we've changed over the years.

Growing needs

We started to create our large network of factories the same year at Bridgend in South Wales. It was here that disabled miners created furniture and violins.

Things grew quickly as we helped to support the thousands of men and women disabled during the second World War. So by the 1950s we had 84 factories stretching the length and breadth of Britain.

By the end of the 1980s we employed more than 10,000 mostly disabled people across 94 sites. These produced a wide range of products such as knitwear, protective clothing, car parts, medical products, electronic parts, household goods and racehorse shoes. Some even helped grow flowers and tomatoes.

Time to change

However, things were about to change in the UK manufacturing industry. Social attitudes towards disability were also beginning to change as more people questioned the benefits of separate factories for disabled people.

We knew we had to change our business model. That’s when we became an employment service with the aim of helping disabled people into mainstream roles.

Then in 1988, we realised we could broaden our support by meeting the job needs of those with health conditions. As a result, we are now one of the UK's leading providers of specialist employment services for those with complex barriers to work.

An integrated approach

We currently work with a wide range of local and national businesses within the public, private and third sectors. These include disability organisations, specialist service providers, government agencies and departments, employers and local authorities. This allows us to deliver a superb range of employment roles.

Our passion towards positive change has made Remploy a major player in the Welfare to Work arena.