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Every employee of Remploy is also an owner of Remploy. 

Our model of employee ownership reflects the passion and commitment that employees of Remploy have towards our customers. It recognises those efforts by giving employees a significant say in the strategic direction of the business, and by giving rewards through sharing profits and the distribution of funds to Mission-related causes.

At midnight on 6th April 2015 Remploy transferred out of Government ownership and was established as a mutual joint venture partnership between MAXIMUS and the employees of the business.

Employees own 30% of the business and underpinning the influence of the employee voice are guarantees around Mission, brand and shareholding allocations that can only be changed with the agreement of the employees.

The employee stake is held via an Employee Benefit Trust, which has four employee-elected Trustees and one Company nominated Trustee All salaried employees are members of the Trust which appoints two of its members to sit on the main Remploy Board. This means that any employee of Remploy has the potential to be elected to the main Board of the business.

The role of the Trust is to represent the voice of employees at a strategic level through its presence on the Board. The Trust is also responsible for deciding what to do with any profits made by the company, which can be shared with employees as dividends or allocated to disability-related causes nominated by employees.

On a day to day basis the employee voice is heard through a network of local representatives, who also elect a national council. Employee representatives work with business managers to support decision making throughout the business at every level.

As owners, employees have a direct influence on strategic direction and business planning, influence day to day decision-making and share in the commercial success of the business.

Remploy is proud to be an employee owned business. We passionately believe that the success of our business is down to the passion and commitment of employees and their ownership supports a culture of

  • delivering excellence service to our customers
  • going the extra mile for those who need our help
  • encouraging innovation and creativity in the delivery of our services, and
  • ensuring Remploy is a successful sustainable business driven by a strong social Mission of supporting disabled people into work.
  • Remploy is an active member of the Employee Ownership Association

    Download a copy of our Board structure and employee influence